10 reasons to choose Ella Jane photography…

  1. As a client, you get to keep all your mini-prints from a shoot, both in square and panoramic format.
  2. I keep all my negatives forever so there is plenty of time to consider reprints.
  3. I can offer different formats for people to choose from before I take the photographs. I use a panoramic camera and a medium format camera which produces square images or a combination of the two.
  4. I like to photograph people in natural surroundings. Every  shoot therefore is unique, in a carefully selected location with a completely different background.
  5. I take real images of real people at real moments without computer manipulation.
  6. I make sure that each photograph I take will be a great image. If you shoot in film you only take the good ones!
  7. Although I use film I can still transfer the negatives to CD’s for a nominal extra charge, to enable you to view your pictures on your PC/Mac
  8. The cameras that I use allows me to produce photographs that are a much better quality than digital prints. Film is superior for large prints and textures – patterns in nature come alive when the images are enlarged.
  9. It requires great skill to use film consistantly and when it is shot right the results are magnificent.
  10. I love seeing the look on the face of a client, as they see their finished photos – it’s why I do it – so you can be sure that my aim is for you to be 100% happy with the results of my work

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